Friday, January 10, 2014

Stopped Me In My Tracks...

There are elements in a room that are so striking until they can stand alone or be that standout supporting piece that almost steals the scene.  For me in each of the following images that is exactly what happened with how the designer, creator, curator pulled them together...
The standouts for me in this living room is the petite button tufted teal sofa and that wonderful piece (chair or sofa, it really matters not), upholstered in that fun floral on a velvet gray background!  I'm not sure if I would ever tire of it!  It is at once whimsical, but then also classic.  The rest of the room is left quiet with a very simplistic arrangement of books, thinly framed art, and an unfussy styled mantle.  The addition of the chrome tables in differing shapes gives the room it's contemporary flair.
There is not one thing in this room that I don't adore!  From the floor to the ceiling it is like ice cream on a cone dripping down my hand on a hot summer day, and I can't lick it up quick enough.  Lol! Yeah, anyway...I really can't get enough of this room.  Loving the large Greek Key of the rug and the pair of shiny brass tables.  That raspberry sofa takes me away!  I am so into anything upholstered in velvet.  Velvet has a way of making even the most undesirable color incredible; but then to have the navy velvet chair juxtaposed to it!  Really?  Who is this amazing person?  The pillows, large single piece of art, books, lamp, solitary plant, and accessories strike just the right balance and amount of interest to complete this striking composition of a living room!
Have I already said how much I love walls and floors in colors and patterns that make a bold statement, while still being polished...classic...sophisticated?  These walls and rug are no different in emerald and a graphic black and white oval pattern.  The rug, at first glance may appear to be interlocking oval circles; but then take another glance and the darker circles look like they could be the center of a flower.  L-O-V-E this!!!  Those gold tables opposite the gold ceiling with the simple brass wall sconce standing stoically without any pretense?  Oh come on!  That black ink art on a white canvas, along with the black and white cornice, and white molding are just the right rhythm with that rug!  This room is flawless!
How much more simplistic can I make this!  I do good for a couple of reasons; (1) why not?  (2) it's just good to do good.  But more than that, I do good because I like to feel good.
Make it AMAZING!
*Images via my Pinterest boards

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