Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outdoor Living: New Season of CBS Survivor

Finally, I can spill the beans about my brother-in-law, Gervase Peterson and my step-daughter, Marissa Peterson being on the newest season of CBS Survivor "Blood vs. Water" to air on September 18th!  I am so excited for the both of them!  I am, however a bit anxious, though not in the way some would be with their family members being on television...
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You see, my family and I have been down this road before...thirteen years ago to be exact!  I was pregnant with my son Noah, and Gervase was on the very first season of Survivor: Borneo.  No one knew what to expect, so every episode was an eye opener.  I remember yelling at Gerv on television, from my sofa with my feet propped up "Dude, get up and do something!"  or "What did he just say about women?"  I honestly thought he had lost his mind!  He knew I was watching and was going to be all up in his face about that one!  Is it possible he wasn't thinking about "What will Rhonda say?" when he said that?  Hmmm...anyhoo!  I would look at Pete and go what the "you know what" is wrong with him!  That's your brother (as I vehemently shook my head in disapproval)!  When the episode aired where he had to eat rat, I just knew he was as good as on a plane home!  But then he later said it was good!  LOL, yeah my dear brother was starving!  I gave him so much grief!  Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to rupture a blood vessel every time I watched the show!
Marissa is very competitive and I'm certain she will hold her on in contests.  She was an incredible soccer player growing up, rowed crew at UNC Chapel Hill and was also on the competitive cheer team (she cheered in high school too).  She is totally an athlete!  Now navigating personalities, behaviors, and attitudes...I'm not so sure about.  Only because Marissa is just twenty-one, soon to be twenty-two (the youngest to ever be on the show) and don't get me wrong she is a very smart young woman, but will she be able to smell the BS before the flies do!  My fingers are crossed that I don't wanna put a hurt on somebody for messing with her!  Marissa is my girl (not a very good design assistant, but more on that later), and Noah and Gillian adore her.  When I showed Gillian her promotion picture for the show she said, "I'm so glad Marissa is my sister".  I guess that means she's proud of her!
Survivor: Borneo (Pagong tribe)
The day after each show airs I will share with you my thoughts and conversations with Gerv and Marissa about what really happened.  You know there is always stuff we don't get to see!  You can also follow Gerv (@saygerv), Marissa (@mah_rissSolCY) and me (@rhondaepeterson) on Twitter to join the conversation during the show!  I can already predict this is not to be missed!  I am so glad my family knows and loves me; and knows I don't bite my lip...for fear of biting it off!  If they need to be put on blast, consider it done!  I hope you guys will tune in September 18th and every week thereafter and support my wonderful family.  I'm certain there will be lots to talk about and I can't wait to see who will "OUTWIT, OUTPLAY, OUTLAST"!
Make it AMAZING!
*Images via Survivor Wiki

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