Saturday, July 20, 2013

What I'm up to Today...

I haven't allowed myself to linger in bed in quite a while, so this morning that's exactly what I'm doing!
This bedroom is so comfy cozy.  It is a place where I would want to wake up on a day like today.  I love the light, airiness of it.  The blue wall color gives it such a tranquil vibe, while the windows let in the beautiful morning light.  I love me a fluffy duvet!  Oooh and tons of pillows to prop myself up with or just lay about!  Sometimes I like to just lay there and snuggle with the pillows; especially when they are freshly laundered!  Heaven!  I'm totally feeling those bookshelves as bedside tables!  I keep books and magazines piled on the floor beside my bed.  I should think about changing my bedside table...hmmm, I just don't know.  I love mine; it is one of those mirrored chests that looks really pretty beside my bed.  Well, we'll have to see about that...
Then I'm off to roam wherever my last minute thoughts decide to take me.  You see, I have no plan for where I'll travel today; only that I will travel somewhere, anywhere to see whatever there is to see.  I have a pair of jeans that I don't think I'll ever get rid of.  They are ripped at knees from being worn to death.  It doesn't bother me any!  They fit great and look good on me!  I must admit, I've got a HOT, rockin tan right now!  No more mellow yellow...think honey, LOL now I'm sure you can imagine what I look like!  I say that to say, white always looks good on tanned skin; so I will be flaunting it with a white tank that shows it off perfectly!  Flip flops will definitely be my footwear of choice!
When I return later in the day I plan to read, read, and do some more reading.  I've been on that blasted computer so much until the feel of those glossy pages of the stacks upon stacks of magazines I've yet to read will make me giddy!  Sure, I go through my online magazines with the same anticipation of seeing incredibly inspiring interiors, fashion, food, entertaining, etc.; but there's nothing like that smooth paper in between my fingers!  What a rush!
Finding a quiet place to reflect and contemplate is something I always try to make time for, but sometimes during the week it just doesn't happen.  I have kids you know, and it is still summer break!  Today, they had better get it together and go find Dad, because Mommy ain't playing!  I've got to get in some ME time!  Sitting in these chairs I would slouch down just a bit with my legs crossed at the ankles, and take in the magnificence of the day and all that it brought my way.  Oh, it will be magnificent...didn't you know--you get what you prepare for; and that is what I've prepared for today my friends!
At days end, I will sit in bed on my laptop and write my posting for Sunday.  I already know it will be filled with quotes for inspiration and encouragement.  That's just the place I'm in right now.  I love writing those kinds of articles.  It's kind of where I share an intimate piece of who I am and where I am at that particular time.  Sometimes it's good and sometimes not so good; but one thing's for sure, it's real and it's me.
There really is no better day...hmmm, wait!  I was going to say, there really is no better day to have than that of simplicity; but maybe a day of shopping!  Okay, yes a day of shopping...
Make it AMAZING!
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