Sunday, July 21, 2013

Try to Be...

 Last week, or maybe it was the week before last, I received my subscription email from Tory Burch and in it was the behind the scenes video of the making of her Fall 2013 show, directed by Tabitha Denholm.  The music that accompanied the piece was performed by Blue Hawaii, a duo out of Canada, Try To BeI was immediately captured by the song.  The song speaks about the dreams and ideas you have as a child that maybe did not manifest and you find yourself in a place that you didn't think you would be.  You thought by this time you would have more success or further along than you are.  Then it talks about learning to love the person that you are and relieving yourself of the expectation of what to be.  I love how at the end of the song it repeats "...may as well just be me."  I'm sure all of us can relate to this; both men and women.  The song itself may not be everyone's taste; but it's definitely mine, and I LOVE IT!
Halle Berry New York Times Style Magazine Winter 2012
Lena Horne via Google images
Thandie Newton In Style Magazine UK December, 2009
Dorothy Dandridge via Google images
Alicia Keys Vibe April/May, 2012
Eartha Kitt via Google images
Make it AMAZING!
* I tried to find the people behind the quotes for proper credit, but unfortunately wasn't able to find them all.  If, however, you know of those who were not credited, please leave a comment telling us who said what.  Thanks!

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