Friday, July 12, 2013

Entertaining with Chic Style

Picture a perfect dinner party...a beautiful summer evening, the wind is blowing ever so gently, the table is glowing with varying levels of candles, and decked out with herbs, dinnerware, and of course THE FOOD!  LOL, well that sounded caveman rather than chic, but the food is the star of your show, so that should definitely impact the table.  Can you tell this is one of my favorite topics to talk about?  I want to throw a dinner party so bad just so I "can" eat, but my schedule is extremely tight the next couple of months, so I will have to bank on this virtual one.  Just a few inspirations that I absolutely adore for a fantabulous dinner party...
I'm a sucker for a beautiful table setting?  I love the idea of using a centerpiece that seems organic or not so contrived.  The simplest things in your household could most definitely become your chic and elegant centerpiece.  Simplicity is most times the best accessory.  This table is yummy!  Food is an experience, so I eat with my eyes and nose way before it goes into my mouth.  Oh gosh, I am hungry now!
Now I would love to be a guest at this dinner party?  Don't you love how with a small punch of color, apples, and varying height candles,, the mood is instantly set??  Al Fresco dining is the way to go as long as you have some citronella candles to add to the experience.  I don't know about you, but bugs and their pals will quickly kill my mood of dining outdoors.  That is not chic to swat flying bugs all night...eeewww!  Nevertheless, thinking of these types of issues prior to guests arriving makes for a better host...YOU and of course, an outstanding dinner party.
This idea is so simple and so fun.  I love antipasto, I mean who doesn't?  You can liven up any dinner party by serving it on wood planks, which integrates an elegant but simple layer to the table.  If this is one of your starters, your guests are in for a treat!  Yummers!
Now I could just eat this all evening!!  Truly, this is THE perfect food; shrimp AND avocado?  Oh my goodness gracious somebody just pinch me, I have gone to heaven!  You notice the simplest things excite me???  I'm a foodie to my heart's core, which is why this is on my radar.  This light appetizer is not high in calories, packs a fab punch in flavor, and you have protein, "good" fat, and a carb (the really yummy kind)!  Yesssss!!  I will take a dozen please, ok that may be pushing it, but you get my point.  Serve this at your next dinner party and I'm THERE!  LOL...that is when you invite me!
Yummers!  Simple and elegantly served on a wood plank or just use your cutting board.  I'm sitting here drooling on my keyboard, hmmmmm...maybe I should have eaten before writing this article!  This chicken looks so juicy and well seasoned, that I think this is our dinner selection for tonight!  Create a nice touch with fresh herbs and citrus...and you have a winner, winner chicken dinner.  My dad used to say that all the time and when I think of chicken, I most always think of my daddy!  He IS the chicken man!
NEVER forget your adult beverages; I mean, it would not be a dinner party to me without it.  I love simple, as we all have figured out, so why not add fresh fruit to your drink.  I'd like to leave you with this simple recipe that is SO SIMPLE; you can serve this all the time!  Cheers!  Happy Friday!
Bubbly on the Rocks
Recipe courtesy Food Network Magazine
Put  a few strawberry slices, blueberries or raspberries in an ice cube tray.  Fill with water and freeze until firm.  Drop the berry ice cubes into flute glasses and fill with prosecco or ginger ale.
Photograph by Con Poulos
Until next time,
Renae Walker xo
*All pictures via my Pinterest boards and Food Network

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