Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't forget about the Little People!

Kids are just little sophisticated why must we design for them as if they are unrefined and themed riddened?  I find great pleasure in seeing a child's room or baby nursery that uses "other" design elements to create a unique space.  I mean, the room doesn't have to SHOUT it's for a kid, using simple gestures along with whimsical furnishings, materials, colors, and patterns will gently suggest it much more effectively...
Now don't get me wrong, a nod or slight reference is totally appreciated and absolutely adored.  When I truly think of design, I approach it with a less literal effect, in which one has the essence of the design concept and aesthetic I'm trying to achieve...whew that was a mouthful!
The color palette allows sophistication to set in, but it still is reminiscent of a little girl's room using curves and frills.  I think something like this could grow with the child from infant to at least tween, because if you are a parent, you already know their tastes, dislikes, and likes change like the  With a few styling changes and accessories, this room is timeless in design.
Complimentary colors really supply an array of choices when deciding which route to go.  I really love this room for a little guy.  Simply styled using the navy and white with a pop of the orange brings vibrancy to the space and creates interest.  This room has a sophisticated and timeless quality that will grow with the little guy for years to come.  Really cool and modern, but not overly themed, I likey likey.
Awww...I could just pinch this room, it's so adorable!  Those crochet lampshades are to die for!  Absolutely stunning!  Totally unisex too...those non-gender colors can definitely come in handy when you need 'em, huh?  See what a pop of yellow can do to a space?  Flawless...and that crib isn't tooo shabby either!  Love! Love! Love!
Let's not EVER forget practicality or functionality!  This is such a brilliant idea and looks spot on too.  I love when there's an integration of form and function; it's simply SMART DESIGN!  Using monograms creates individuality; this application is a perfect example of designing a monogram without being too fussy or useless.  Loving it!
Of course, I could NEVER remove myself from either bling or pink; I try to inspire new fresh ways to embrace the two.  Ok, ok, ok isn't this just too gorg for words?  Lawd, I would love MY room to be this bright fushia with crisp white, but I think the hubster would absolutely send me away?  LOL!  For a child, who without question glorifies pink and all its splendor, this is the way to go!  I can see myself polishing my nails or practicing walking in my high heels in this room...hehehe (yeah I still have to practice)!  This juxtaposition of the rustic elements mixed with luxurious glam is just ohhhhh my goodness good!  Simply delish!
What a great use of space!  Spectacularly designed with a non-gender color palette, this room will delight even the most critical little one.  I'm sure bedtime stories are unquestionably fun times in this space with the charming cubbyholes too!  Perfection!
Sophisticated little to highlight this essence!  Too cute for words! 
Until next time, Live..Love..Design!
Renae Walker xo
*All photos via my Pinterest boards

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