Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Look and New Adventures for JCP!

Okay, so I had been seeing the commercials for the new and improved JCP (JC Penney), and decided to go on a field trip to check things out for myself.  I was in the store back in late February/early March when they began putting out the spring/summer clothing collection and was pretty impressed then.  This was so not the JC Penney I remember thinking to myself; I need to come back!  Well, I finally did but this time it was to look at their new home collections...

Jonathan Adler has an impressive collection of furnishings, bedding, and accessories for the home called Happy Chic!  I love the colors and the details in this collection; very much like the offerings in his signature boutiques, but at a price point that is affordable!  Although the store didn't have any of the furnishings that he's designed for JCP, their website features everything from the Happy Chic collection.  You should definitely click on the links and check it out!  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


The bedding comes in a great selection of colors and patterns that can mixed and matched to create a unique and striking look.  There are also fun accessories to throw into the mix that help to polish and bring the look full circle.

I was pleased to see the blues and greens, as right now these are my color crushes!  I don't know why I keep saying that...I mean, my living room has been green and blue forever now!  Anyway, moving on!

I love anything "Owl"!  When I was in high school, I went into my backyard just to get some air, and I happened to look up into one of the many trees; and I promise, I saw an owl perched on one of the thicker limbs that looked all of three feet tall!  Now of course, every time I tell this story I get ridiculed so badly!  I don't even care anymore!  I know what I saw!  I have to admit, it does seem a little far fetched; I'll give you that, but dang it...I KNOW WHAT I SAW!  I know it was an owl because the back of his head was facing me and then he turned around!  What other creature that lives on land can turn their head 360 degrees!  So I guess, my attraction to all things owl is my way of dealing with my sighting of this HUGE animal that was the size of a squatting man, sitting in my tree!   
Loving all things Foo Dog right now as well!  I have a red pair that I snatched up at Target last spring, so I guess I will be grabbing these as well before they're all gone!  I'm not sure what my fascination with these mythical creatures are...but I love them all the same!

Poofs and pillows...I enjoy having them around, scattered about to be used for anything from a place to lay my head to a place to sit a bit more comfortably on the floor.  These will also look great just hanging out on the bed, stacked on a chair, or perched in a corner!

I think Michael Graves had a collection at Target once, didn't he?  It was mostly blue and silver pieces...no?  Well, I really liked that collection too...but anyhoo, I love the frames, clocks, utensils, small appliances, and other accessories.  They are in really cool finishes and colors that will ensure their place on your countertops and tabletops!  Best of all for me was that they are displayed in these cool orange painted shadow boxes and tables!  I'm sure these weren't meant to be the focal point of the presentation, but in my opinion, it did make the product look that much more appealing...to me anyway; and at that particular moment...I was all that mattered!  I really crack myself up!  Seriously though, the finishes of some of the pieces are terracotta and a beautiful orangie wood finish.  I am really drawn to very clean, simply designed pieces, and the Michael Graves collection for JCP really delivers!

I am so not a big cook, but I love kitchen gadgets!  One day when I have that phenomenal cook's kitchen I will have all of the latest and greatest for me to look longingly upon and smile!  Will I ever use the stuff?   Hmmm, that remains to be seen; but it will all look incredible!  Did you notice the sleek glassware and carafe?  This collection has a lot to offer!

Whoever designed Michael's space must have been channeling their inner Rhonda!  That orange looks a lot like the orange I did in the Cathedral Inspiration House back in January/February!  Such a great color!  I also thought the doves were a really cool touch hanging from the ceiling fixture, as well as on the wall feature.  Michael Graves Design and JCP did a fantastic job on this in-store feature.  You don't feel as though you're in a larger department store when you walk into the space to browse.

Make it AMAZING!
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Renae Walker said...

Love! Love! Love! Those patterns and colors are so on point! #Faints

Rhonda E. Peterson said...

Renae, they totally are! I love that JCP is changing their style and image by collaborating with such talented designers! It's very refreshing! Truly design within reach!

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