Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March and Have a Wonderful Weekend!

You know, this is one of the things that I love about a new month; no, it's not a new year, but it is a chance to do better, be better, and get it right!  You may not be able to start completely over and change some of the mistakes or misteps of the previous month, but you can take what didn't work and grow from it.   
March brings with it the beginning of spring.  Spring for me is like a refreshening of sorts.  This is when I am most motivated to clean not just my house, but my head, and my way of doing things.  Starting, of course, with my house!  Clutter, dust, and dirt in my environment always wreaks havoc on my psyche!  It signals a time of renewal.  The trees and flowers are in bloom, and so it is only fitting that there be a sort of blossoming of new ideas, energy, and fire inside of me to accomplish more and go further.
While in Ikea today I bought some succulents and an orchid.  I've bought all of these really cool planters and vases over time, that I've not ever planted anything in or rarely, on occassion, place flowers in.  I want to do better with this!  I want to try to keep plants and flowers in my home going forward.  I will count it a personal accomplishment if I can keep them alive!  This may not seem like that big of a goal, but it is definitely one for me!
One of my favorite rooms in any home is the dining room.  There is something about this room that draws me in and makes me want to sit and spend time.  This one is beautiful.  I love the green leather chairs with the dark finish of the table.  It is set with three lovely floral centerpieces in fresh white florals with striking green leaves.  The wallpaper and chandelier are truly gorgeous and totally finishes the space in the most elegant way.
Do you have any plans for spring? What type of spring cleaning will you do? Whatever this new season brings, I hope you take the time to make the most incredible moments and memories in your life and in the lives of others.

Make it AMAZING!
*Images via my Pinterest boards


τreciä said...

I so agree with your post. Spring time usually mean new ideas and plannig it all out so the job gets done faster..

As for plants - i`m so into cactus plants and is looking to get those .. thanks for the reminder! 1

Rhonda E. Peterson said...

Trecia, I am so glad I reminded you to get those cactus plants! I'll keep you posted on my success with the orchid, because surely I can keep the succulents alive!

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