Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Very Chic Apartment

Here in the last few months I've not had much time to peruse my favorite mags online or in hardcopy; but in trying to find inspiration for an upcoming project, I had to take a moment to see what I've been missing.  And as I suspected, I've been missing out on quite a bit! 
David Jimenez, vice president of visual merchandising and store design for the Hallmark company, is pinned as the "Mix Master" because of his artfully eclectic, yet very discerning way of decorating his apartment at the Sophian Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.
It strikes me as odd that I am so captivated by all of the elements in his space and absolutely love it, while my design aesthetic leans more towards the minimal.  You would think that being as I am a little more minimal in my decorations, a room like this would make me feel bit overwhelmed?  It so does not!  It actually makes me want to venture outside of my box and try to incorporate more into my designs.  This aesthetic does take a very keen eye with great attention to detail.  I can see where editing is a major part of keeping this room from becoming "too much". 

It really is all about layering elements that complement each other in scale and proportion, as well as color, in order to strike just the right balance.  Natural lighting is truly a rooms best asset!  When you have great natural lighting, you are able to take bolder chances with different color palettes and furniture arrangements.  The use of a neutral palette in this bedroom is soothing and striking at once with the addition of the black leather tufted bench at the foot of the bed, which also provides a wonderful rhythm with the trim in the coverlet and bedding (note the wide trim flange on the euro shams).
A small kitchen is made to feel larger with high ceilings, again fantastic natural lighting, glass cabinet doors, and lovely white marble countertops with white subway tile backsplash.  I love the taupey/gray wall finish and the open shelving above an open countertop that's perfect for a stool!  I know the rest of the kitchen isn't shown and this probably doesn't matter so much for Mr. Jimenez; but where does he keep food?  Is there a nice little pantry?  I'm sure he probably doesn't cook very much!  Hmmm, nor do I, but I have a family who loves to eat, so food storage is a must!
Make it AMAZING!

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