Friday, February 15, 2013

With a Man in Mind

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend of mine where we were discussing trends in interior design that had staying power.  The one that we both agreed that is here to stay is the impact that men have had on their living spaces.  Obviously, women's voices will always be heard in design just because that's still considered more of what we do, but with the family dynamic undergoing some changes with stay at home dad's and/or men working from home; their needs and desires must be addressed.  Not to mention with more and more men wanting nicer, more stylish and sophisticated diggs, they are taking more of an active and deliberate role in creating environments that speak to who they are and their lifestyles. 
Men tend to think more about function first and then aesthetics.  That's not to say they put a small amount of value on nice looking things, it's just that it needs to suit the purpose first and then be great looking.  Oh my gosh, let's not forget about convenience and their interests.  These are the jumping off points for their design endeavors.  Once these are satisfied, they can then move on to the task of making it amazing.
Linen, denim, a pocket square, and a nice watch!  I would say this is a great way to do casual.

Leather totes are a very stylish and handsome way for men to carry their work essentials.  This tote would look good whether he's wearing jeans or a suit.
Bed and bedding... Now obviously not everyone is okay with a mattress on the floor; not even the average guy.  However as shown above, as long as the space is clean, organized, and clutter free it can work.  This is totally a bachelors bedroom!  The wall color is subtle with a couple of great framed images, and the on trend brass details in the art lights and light fixture, well I mean, it's fabulous.  The draperies hung simply from discreet hardware, along with the no nonsense bedding...hmmm, just smart.  This room would not offend me at all.  I would date this man.  Well, I would have dated him!
Okay, so I had to throw Lenny in for a little eye candy!  Wow, just beautiful.  I remember when I was a little girl, my dad's facial hair would tickle my face and I didn't really like it all that much.  My how things have changed!  I love a nicely groomed beard.  Yes, I really do (nodding approvingly as I smile from ear to ear). 

What can I say about this Bugatti Veyron?  Sexy?  Absolutely.

Accessories are the details that speak volumns and yet they are most often the last to be given any thought at all.  I do think this is changing with the guys.  I don't know, there seems to be an evolution of sorts happening.  I am so glad about this, too.
Really!  The high ceiling along makes this bathroom incredible!  Come on!  The contrast of the wood planks and the beams is striking!  The dual vanity, reminiscent of cross-legged trays that are used in living areas to hold anything from bar essentials to collections of pictures and treasures is totally handsome in the rich walnut finish.  I'm loving the louvered window treatments.  It is a very clean and clever way of letting light in and also having privacy when needed.  The wall tiles make a huge statement in large part because of their size and in part because of their finish.  Interesting also is what appears to be wood slats in the walk-in shower.  Do you see this?  Only what is convenient, necessary, and functional in a very sophisticated design.
Classic.  Both the wardrobe and the club chair.

Obvioulsy, women aren't the only ones that need organization in their closets.  There is a place for everything here; even a place to sit, which by the way is a very smart chair with a hide underfoot to add a little warmth and texture. 
Make it AMAZING!
*Images via my All About Men Pinterest board

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płytki łazienkowe said...

Well-designed house, the most thing I like is in the bathroom, it is pretty futuristic. really is something to be proud of.

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