Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

I'm sitting here thinking about all of the things I would have missed out on if I had not taken one chance, one leap of faith, and done something that scared the crap out of me!  Do you have moments like that; moments when you throw caution to the wind and just go for it?  If you do, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If not, my hope for you is that today is the day that you will!
This is a line from one of my favorite movies, when George Bailey is walking Mary home from the prom and he asks her what does she want.  He then continues with the kindest, most wonderful expression of what she means to him.  No matter how many times I watch this movies, I always get this goofy grin with a warm feeling inside. 
I've never I had a problem with asking for what I wanted because I always thought, (1) all they can say is NO, and (2) why would they tell me NO?  No shortage of self esteem here, huh?
Oh my gosh, this is so true!  We seem to fear the unknown and tell ourselves all of the reasons why it won't work out; but in that brief moment, you know the one where you're kinda having an outer body experience, and before you know it you've said or done something that goes so against what you would have typically done or said?  I live these moments now!  Not because I'm fearless (or wreckless), but because I don't want to look back and realize I was the only one standing in my way!
We've all experienced doubt.  Sometimes we're even paralyzed by it.  This is how I've conquered it; if I have done all that I could possibly do, then I have to let it go and let the cards fall where they may, all while expecting nothing but positive results.  Now when I say positive results, I'm not necessarily talking about the results that I want, because sometimes it is not up to me.  I'm speaking more about the joy and confidence that comes from the sense of accomplishing something that I probably doubted I would.  I hope that makes sense to you!  Obviously, it made a lot of sense to me!
Sometimes I do wish there was an easier way to success.  I wish it didn't take so much work, and frustration, and disappointment, and all of those other things that come along with it.  But then I would have missed out on all of the growth, and the experiences, and the opportunities to be the best me.  Here's the thing, it can be the most amazing adventure!  One that you look back on fondly and recount the memories of times not so bad, as well as those that encouraged you to hang in there and keep going.  It really is all in how you look at it...
We can all relate to this I'm sure!
Wouldn't it be just awful if you give up on your goal(s) and/or dreams only to find out if you had just hung in there a little bit longer and pushed a little bit harder, everything that you had been working for was about to happen?  Wow, I just felt all of the air leave my lungs!  Totally deflated!  This is what keeps me going day after day after day!  Now, I may not do all that I need to do in that day; or even all that I should do, but I always do something that puts me a little bit closer to getting what I want!
What makes all of this easier for me is my ever increasing faith in God and His love for me, and the people he has placed in my life to encourage, motivate, and inspire me to greater things.  I am surrounded by people who see great things in me.  Sometimes, when I'm not feeling it or seeing what they see, I will act on what they see because in that moment, that has to push me until I am able to push myself. 
Make it AMAZING!
All quotes found via my Pinterest board "Words of Inspiration and Humor"

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