Monday, January 28, 2013

Sorry I'm so late, but...

Don't you hate it when people say that!  Well, I am sorry!  For the last couple of weeks I've been in the depth of show house oblivion.  Of course, I've thought about you and have missed you considerably!  I'm back now and I vow that going forward, I will let you all know when I will have an extended absence.  As my very good friend Deirdre says, I am overwhelmed by opportunity and I am trying to find that balance that I am going to need to get me through this new year!  I do hope you hang in there with me and come along for the ride!  I think this year is going to be one filled with many adventures.  Next on the list of adventures is my trip to Paris in March!  More on that in a later posting!

My bestie, Tomeko and I at the Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House premiere party.  Bless his heart, he came immediately after leaving work.  He stayed for quite a bit while I was greeting people, talking about my space, and posing for pictures like these.  All without so much as a grimace!  I love him, I do!  He and I have been friends for many years.  A friendship that began while we both worked at Louis Vuitton.  He has since moved on to the almighty Hermes; yes my friends, you read right,
H-E-R-M-E-S!  I can't wait until he decides to focus and publish his first novel!  It is going to be an amazing read, I promise!

Jacqueline Glover and I at the premiere party.  Jackie is the pro sales manager at Floor & Decor, Southlake in Morrow, Georgia.  She is the driving force behind not only securing flooring for my space in the Inspiration House, but also the counseling center for the Cathedral of St. Philip.  She and her team at Floor & Decor are one of the corporate sponsors of this years Inspiration House!  Their very generous donation has made all the difference in the appearance of the center and everyone is so excited and couldn't be happier!  

Renae Walker and I at the premiere party.  Renae is totally fabulous, and a fellow designer (to be)!  She is completing her formal training at the Art Institute.  I can't wait to see what she has in store for the design world!  Renae is truly a great person, and is as tall as I am!  That is pretty rare around these parts!  I'm always so much taller than everyone in pictures (in a room), so this is so refreshing!  I had such a ball with her at the party at the house and afterwards, when she joined me, my great friend Deirdre, and a few of my designers friends for a mini celebration of our own.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!  It was so nice to be supported and celebrated by such a dynamic and successful group of women.
Railroad ties with real bird nests and bird nest paintings hung above by local artist Janet Gannon.  Janet is a very talented artist who does beautiful oil on canvas paintings.  This composition is located in a hallway that has extremely low ceilings, so being creative and simplistic was a must.  It really complements the elements that can be found just beyond those doors. 

This vignette is in the stair hallway that sits atop an oak coffee table/bench that is finished in a liming wax.   

The drinks cabinet is by Grange and can be found at Steve McKenzie's.  The painting is an original, painted by Steve McKenzie himself!  Steve and Jill are the most incredible couple.  Their sense of humor is infectious and they are a riot to be around!  Their shop is filled with wonderful furnishings, accessories, works or art, and fabrics that are also designed by Steve!  Can I tell you how much I adore these two!

One of my absolute favorite vignettes and I cannot wait to have it professionally photographed!  I can only show you snippets for now because Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle magazine will publish pictures from the Inspiration House later this year and we want you all to gasp at the loveliness of each and every room!

Oh my gosh, I got a lot of comments about the books being turned this way!  My response to that is I didn't want people seeing some of the smut that I read!  Ha! Nah, it's not too bad...hmmm, just bad enough!
I love this view of the outdoor entry from inside!

This bird cage is a faux bois concrete!  Psych!  Everyone thinks it's wood!
Okay, so that's what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks...pulling my space at the Inspiration House together!  My space had to undergo construction because it's the lower level hall where the Cathedral Counseling Center is located, and I needed to install temporary walls, baseboards, replace the flooring, build a cabinet (in an elevator opening), etc., etc., etc.  By the time the other designers began work in their rooms, I had already been there weeks earlier!  But boy let me tell you what a difference it has made!  Sooo, am I forgiven?
Make it AMAZING!

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