Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions or Goals?

Have you written your goals for 2013 yet?  I've started.  I always write the goal, I then write how I'm going to accomplish it, and I set a timeline.  I do this because it is the only way that I can reasonably track my progress.  It also allows me to tweak and modify if I need to.  I don't do resolutions just because the idea of them seems to be so frivolous.  You know, if I do it, great; if not, oh well!  Goals are more solid, but I guess it's all in how you look at it...
I am living my story!  When I think about my life like this, it forces me to make better choices.  It makes me be more positive about situations and outcomes.  I not only hope for the best, I take an active role in making the best happen!  I tend to look at my life from the perspective of an eighty-year old Rhonda!  When I look back at these times, I want to be able to say I took every chance and every opportunity that I wanted or had an interest in.  I want to love that I made the most of every experience and I made every experience memorable.  I want to find comfort in knowing that I reveled in the moments spent with my family, whether they were wonderful or not!  I want to look at my life like it is an amazing story made possible because of the attitude and outlook I had while living it!  I want to look back on my life and think "Wow, I did all of that"!

Oh my gosh!  No truer words have ever been spoken!  Think about it... How many times has someone asked "Where do you want to go"?  Well, until you figure it out, you're just stuck where you are!  Sometimes this is not the easiest thing to figure out, and I guess that's okay for a minute.  One thing that works for me is to get out and do things.  The kind of things that interest me that I don't ordinarily do.  Doing this usually jumpstarts me and gets me to thinking about things in ways I'd never thought of before.  It's incredible how just changing your surroundings can give you the attitude adjustment you need in order to see things more clearly!  To be able to affectively change your path and change your destination by making one decision... Where would I rather be?

Totally!  The thing about tests are once you pass it, you're moving on to the next level.  If you find yourself in the same situation as always, there's something there that you're just not getting; that you're just not grasping and learning from.  You can't go from one level to the next without first mastering various aspects of the one you're currently on.  It's no different from being in school and taking a math exam!  Here's the thing, you can't become jaded, bitter, or down because of problems, challenges, or obstacles faced!  You have to deal with them head!  Figure out why they happened so that you can eliminate the possiblility of them happening again.  And you know what, if they happen again, oh well, it's just another opportunity to get it right!

What else is there to say about this quote?  No one is going to be affected more by your decisions than you!  It's like I said in an earlier posting about waiting on people to do something or say something that may change your direction or change your life.  Don't do it!  Be the one to inspire people and to incite change!  Be the one that people think of as a "go-getter", as the one that has a dream or goal and charts their course in the direction thereof!  Be that person that makes it happen for yourself.  Not that you don't or won't need the assistance of others, but don't let that turn into needing them to do everything for you!  Once the door is opened, walk through it.  Don't wait to be carried!

Fear keeps us from many things that could quite possibly be the best things for us.  Mistakes are apart of living and apart of living life to it's fullest!  Fear of making mistakes will keep you where you are.  There are very few opportunities in life that come along where mistakes won't be made.  Okay, so what, I made a mistake.  If it affects others, whether directly or indirectly, apologize and try to make things right; and then move on!  NEXT!!!

This was my philosophy for 2012 and it is my way of thinking for 2013!  By doing this, many great things have happened for me and many doors have opened!  This alone will take you to places and have you experiencing things you never thought possible!  If there is nothing else that you walk away from this posting with, I'd really like for you to take this quote to heart!  You have everything you need to do whatever it is you desire to do!  Do the research, count the costs, find your resources, and make it happen!  Trust me, it will happen!

There is success, love, opportunity, friendship, prosperity, a life worth living on the other side of fear!  It's just waiting on you to make up your mind to move, to take a step, to do something!
Make it AMAZING!
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