Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday's Office: Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth

I'm always intrigued to see how others work.  Well, their work environments.  I'm not all that interested in how they literally work!  Just thought I needed to clarify that statement!  I think a person's office, whether it is at home or in an office building; how they organize and decorate says a lot about them and how they approach their work.  I love the details of designer Matthew Patrick Smyth's apartment study.  The Hermes wallpaper is so fresh and uplifting.  How about that desk?  Wow, I love the desk top and the finish with the studs!  The custom bookcase with floating shelves is a wonderful way to feature those collected treasures that inspire and motivate!
Make it AMAZING!
*Image via Elle Decor

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Kimberly Ward said...

i have his new book and I must say, he is a hidden gem. His designs are simple and clean to the eye, but have amazing layers and textures. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite Interior Designers.

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