Friday, December 7, 2012

Lovely Gift Wrap Ideas

I absolutely adore gift wrap!  Not just the traditional gift wrap, but wrappings made from fabrics, twine, ribbon, twigs, flowers, you name it, I love it!  I remember shopping not long ago for a gift for a friend of mine and getting more excited about the wrapping and the trim that I was going to use than the gift itself!  The wrapping is just as much apart of the gift as what's wrapped inside!
Last year I wrapped all of my gifts in red and brown craft paper.  I changed them up by doing a slightly different ribbon, twine, or ornament to top it off.  I'm not quite sure the wrap I'm doing this year, but I'm leaning towards Pantone's 2013 color of the year, Emerald!  I may do emerald paper and white ribbon and white paper and emerald bows!  I love this look under my tree!  It is a very elegant and sophisticated statement.
When selecting wrapping, think about what's being wrapped and try to be creative by doing something that complements the gift.  Whether it's for a holiday, birthday, or just because; the wrapping should be just as special as the gift and definitely just as nice!  Consider also the person that is receiving the gift.  What is their favorite color or interest?  Really stretch yourself and create a wrapping that they will hate to tear into, but obviously must!
Make it AMAZING!
*Images via my Pinterest All Things Pretty board

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