Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 Cool Ways to Re-Purpose Your Drapes and Spice Up Your Décor


In today's tough economic situation, many people are looking for ways to save money. Some people try to cut down on their spending, while other people take on extra jobs. Many families have stopped indulging in luxuries like dining at restaurants or going to the movies. Finding new ways to cut costs can be an art form for many people, both metaphorically and literally. Some people have rediscovered old hobbies, like cooking or reupholstering furniture. There are countless craft projects that any person can do to simultaneously save money, reuse what they already own, and bring a little bit of spice into their décor. One great material that is easy to repurpose are drapes and linens. If you have some old drapes and linens, here are five cool ways you can repurpose them to bring a little bit of excitement into your home.
Reupholster small pieces of furniture. Chances are that your old drapes are not completely destroyed, and that some parts of them still look great, even while other parts are fraying. Use the parts that look the best to reupholster some small pieces of furniture, like cushioned chairs or small ottomans. If you use the fabric in the room the drapes were hanging in, you know the colors already match! You can also use the fabric to make new pillows for your couches.
Turn the linens or drapes into skirts for furniture. If you store anything under your bed, you probably want to have a bed skirt to hide everything. Why not use your luxurious drapes to make a new bed skirt? You can also make skirts for coffee tables and bookshelves if you think there is a mess worth hiding.
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Google Images
Add some pretty new trim to your towels. If you have a guest bathroom, you might want to spruce it up by putting some trim on your hand towels. You can use your old drapes or linens to decorate your towels - it can be a great way to hide stains or other signs of wear. Nobody will ever suspect there is a bleach spot hiding beneath the lovely trim or design!
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Google Images
Transform an old bed sheet into a new woven rag rug. You might think a "rag rug" can never be lovely, but you are wrong. Many kinds of woven rag rugs can be made without ever using a sewing machine or touching a needle and thread. Rag rugs can add a great accent to small and large rooms alike, and are often seen as welcome mats, bathroom mats, and closet area rugs.

Make a new tablecloth out of an old sheet or curtain. Tablecloths are one of the easiest accents to use because they can be changed so quickly. If you loved your bed sheets, but ruined a piece of the set, use the remaining sheet to make a new tablecloth. You can trim the edges with other fabrics that complement the primary one. Feel free to get creative and make a special new tablecloth for everyday use, special occasions, or both.
These are just a few ideas to get you started. Old linens, curtains, and drapes are easy to turn into new pieces of décor. All it takes is a little creativity, some time, and some patience.

Make it AMAZING!
About the author: Michelle Lim has written for the home and garden industry for many years. When she’s not writing, you can find her reviewing luxury bedding companies. Please click here for more information.
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