Friday, November 30, 2012

I Know It's Cliche, But Thank God It's Friday!

You know what?  Not that it even matters right now!  I'm getting ready to dive head first into getting my space ready at the Inspiration House and you know what they say about the best laid plans!  I've got my timeline set and all of the pieces in play; now it's time to execute!  Yesterday in a meeting, I did encounter a bit of a hmmm, what will I call this... unexpected additions to my space.  In that moment, it totally threw me, but I have truly put together the most amazing team ever (whom I will feature in the days leading up to the Inspiration House opening), that were right there with me supporting me and letting me know that it will be great and they are there for me in any way possible.  See folks, this is what I've blogged about several times in the past!  When God is in the details and when you are allowing him to show you who to talk to, where to go, and what to do; it is really effortless because He has done all of the work!  You just have to take a seat at the dinner table and enjoy the feast only He can prepare!

I now have a drive that I didn't have before, and that is what makes this quote all the more relevant!  My dad always said to me, because he enjoys so much what he does, he doesn't consider it work.  Now, that doesn't mean he loves every mundane part of what his job entails, it just means that he has such a great passion and devotion to it, the end result makes the obstacles and challenges faced worthwhile!  My exact sentiments for the exciting challenge that lie ahead of me!

Everyone knows that preparation is key to getting any and everything done well!  Success just doesn't roll out the red carpet and send you an invitation to the party.  Okay, well in some exceptional cases maybe it does, BUT success that comes overnight leaves in the morning!  Don't be fooled!  You had better believe that!
There is a surge of energy that I get when the things I want most just doesn't seem to want me as badly!  So, I have to put on my big girl panties, roll up my sleeves and get to it!  No, I don't always want to, but let me tell ya (just keeping it real here) I'll be damned if I don't put up one hell of a fight!  I'm not likely to turn around and go in a different direction just because it doesn't look good or possible or difficult.  However, with that said, things are only that "head hitting a brick wall" challenging when I'm not walking in the spirit!  Somehow, I feel like the Lord just read this and began shaking His head.  Well, I will say this, He knows me better than I know myself, so this really doesn't come as any surprise to Him and He loves me all the same!
Through all of my faults, imperfections, behavoiral dilemmas, attitude flair ups, and really just plain old crazy mental moments; I truly do like who I'm becoming!  I can call myself out on all of my messes and know that it's okay, no one was hurt (and if they were, sincere apologies are in order), and move on knowing the next minute is brand new and another opportunity to make good and get it right!
Make it AMAZING!
*Quotes via my Words of Inspiration and Humor Pinterest Board

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