Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To Make A Dramatic Entrance

When I was in school I had an instructor that would get so irritated when a student would say drapes, instead of draperies.  She would say "drape is what draperies do"!  Not very long ago there was a discussion on Facebook, I think it was, Women In Design group, that talked about the very same thing, as well as what the difference is between draperies and curtains.  I happen to think the difference is that curtains aren't lined and don't fall below the window sill; whereas draperies are fully lined and fall to the baseboard or the floor.  Hmm, I must research this!  I suppose I should have before composing this posting, but oh well, it'll give us all something to do!

Moving on!  Since I love sunlight so much, I'm not a huge fan of using draperies as window coverings unless it is necessary for privacy (obviously), to add a layer to drafty windows to keep the chilly air out, or to block harsh sunlight.  I do love them for framing windows.  Framing both the outside view and adding beauty to the inside.
I also think draperies, drapes, curtains, sheers, whatever (did you feel my eyes rolling?) are so striking when used to divide spaces; adding drama and importance to what lies just beyond them.  It's a great way to soften a doorway, create an air of romance, and futher a theme.
 Using them in entry's and hallways can be totally amazing and so unexpected!  I love it when they puddle on the floor, but caution should be used when doing this!  You don't want to bring the whole thing down on you or someone else because it was an accident waiting to happen!  Every puddle has it's dangers, my friend! 
So, what do you guys think about adding draperies to doorways and pass-throughs?  My home is an open floor plan, so my foyer opens into my living room, which opens into my dining room, which opens into my... well you get the idea!  I have really been thinking about framing the pass-through between my living and dining room with a pair of draperies.  It would be unexpected and add a bit of prettiness.  Hmm, as I am typing this I'm thinking this may be something worth experimenting with for the holidays.  I'll keep you posted on the developments!
 How very pretty, rustic, and just down right special, right!
 I not only love the light fabric used here, but also the vine of ivy used as a tie back.  I can't get enough of fabric casually draped on a table to make eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner a little more special.  Oh, and it must puddle just a wee bit on the floor!  Remember what I just said about puddles!  Proceed with caution...!
I love the rope tie backs here!  It looks great with the rustic look of the wide plank floors.
 I know that I've shown images of flowing fabrics, but more structured fabric can be used as well.  This would be great for a more masculine space.  Think about it...framing the entrance to his closet or his home office even, would be so handsome.  With the right fabric and hardware a brilliant look is created!
Make it AMAZING!
*All images via my Pinterest boards 

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