Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Draw Me a Bath and Let the Day Melt Away!

You know, it's actually quite funny; I'm not much of a "bath" person.  Honestly, I think them to be quite gross in fact.  However there are times when I feel a little stretched beyond my limits, when I think a bath is just what I need in order to regroup, refresh, and renew.  Surely, some of you know exactly what I'm talking about...Anyhoo, I'm having one of those moments! 
One of these days I am going to get the courage up to photograph my bathroom for you guys to see.  I like it, I do.  I've just not done very much to it since the builder selected their less than lovely elements.  Sure, I've painted the walls with Restoration Hardware's Stone paint finish.  Hmmm, that's about it!  But, I will say, that went a long way in making a difference.  It has a separate soaking tub and shower, and a nice size double vanity with a slab of a mirror, and those tragic makeup lights above!  Oy!  It also has a separate water closet, with no door, but I'm okay with that, as I think a little claustrophobia may set in if I were to hang one.  Definitely wouldn't want that!  Nothing that can't be changed and done so pretty inexpensively!  Oh, and let me not forget the hideous brass fixtures.  Ugh!  Although brass is making a comeback, just not "this" brass!  The ceiling is vaulted and I could do a beautiful chandelier!  I could really trick this space out!  And I will...one day!
This window is fantastic!  There's nothing better than applying makeup in natural light.  The tub strikes me as being very comfortable and relaxing.  You know, almost cocoon like. 
Although much of the bathtub isn't seen here, I do like the small silver and glass etagere standing charge with the necessary bath salts, loufahs, towels, and books at the ready.  That shower looks really tempting to me!  Loving the marble application on the walls and ceiling!
I think this to be a handsome bathroom.  Not necessarily because it has masculine elements, but because it's linear, simplistic, and seemingly very functional.  I like the louvered skylight above and the slated shelf below the vanity for towels or other bath acoutrements.  Hmm, so maybe masculine is not the word that I'm looking for.  Maybe, "smart"?
What I love about this bath:  The tile!  The draperies framing the tub!  The small chair!  Last, but certainly not least, that freaking incredible chandelier!  Moving on...
One word...STRIKING!  Is that a swan fixture delivering the muscle relaxing, mind soothing water into the tub?  Could that be an arm chair in the corner with a throw draped casually about the arm awaiting my exit from my tension relieving bath?  I wonder what music am I listening to?  Oh, I know!  Shirley Horne with a little bit of Coltrane...ahhh "Here's To Life (and the joys it brings)". 
Make it AMAZING!
*Images via my Tumblr
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