Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's Office + One More

A light and airy space does wonders for the creative mind!  My favorite elements of this office are the etagere's, the glass desktop supported by two medium-sized pedestals, and the lighting fixture.  I also really like the selection of colors with the very soft blue/gray and punch of salmon pink.  This office is a great balance of color, light, and textures.  I would imagine I could get a great deal done in this space and when I need a break, all I would need to do is sit back in that comfy chair, look around at the soft muted colors, and let my mind take it all in until inspiration finds me once again!
It was such a beautiful day Sunday, so we headed to the basketball court to shoot some hoops with Noah!  I haven't shot around in a long time and was fully expecting to be quite sore this morning!  Surprise, surprise!  I was NOT!  Hmmm, I must not be in as bad a shape as I thought!  We didn't play full court or anything, but anyone who's even played half court can tell you with the rigors of defense, starting, stopping, running, jumping, and shooting; basketball in any form can be a bit exhausting!
To cool off we took a walk on one of the trails just beyond the courts.  It was really nice and cool walking in between the trees.  We were all a little disappointed in not seeing any deer or wild turkey.  The turkeys, I can understand, as it is getting a little too close too Thanksgiving!
Gillian getting in a little one on one time with Dad.  No, I didn't let her dye her hair blue and purple!  She has blue and purple hair mixed in with her braids.  Hey, I try to let her express herself when it comes to hair and clothing!  Some things I'm just not ready for and it is a definite NO, but other things, I'm pretty okay with!  My mom trained me well.  Pick your battles and be very watchful!
It's Noah's time for a chat with Dad.  I'm sure there wasn't much talking going on.  I don't know, guys just seem to be able to communicate through their silence!  It's kinda weird, almost like mental telepathy or something? 
Make it AMAZING!

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