Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Design Inspiration: Mirrored Walls

It wasn't that long ago when the mention of mirrored walls would immediately make me think of those tacky mirrored sliding closet doors that were trimmed in shiny brass or some other garish metal.  If you have or have had these in your home, you're not alone!  So have I!  Thank goodness, times have changed and we have become a lot more discerning in our design choices!
The clean mirrored, vertical panels of this office space further enhances the modern look and feel; making it very chic and sophisticated. 
I like how this floor to ceiling mirror adds depth and creates an artful composition through the reflection of the items placed in front of it.
I really didn't think I would like an entire wall of mirrors as shown in the above image, however with artwork and sconces nicely hung and arranged it is actually quite nice and tasteful.
Screens are a great way to introduce mirrors in a non-commital way.  This one is lovely.
Again, I think when treated as just a wall by hanging pictures and such, and placing furnishings in front, enhances the rooms personality and adds an elegant quality.
Impactful and stunning!
You can never go wrong with floor to ceiling mirrors in the bathroom!  Well, as long as they look like these!
Make it AMAZING!


Susan E. Brown Int Dsgn said...

Beautiful images! Makes me want to rethink mirrors in some of my current projects. Thanks for the reminder!

Rhonda E. Peterson said...

Susan, I've got a couple projects in the works where a mirrored wall will add modern sophistication. I'm glad you're now reconsidering them!

Poole Ellis said...

Mirrored wall can increase glow of the house.It has a charm of reflection and quality of effective space utilization which attract people toward it. This is the main reason why people are installing it in their houses.

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