Monday, October 24, 2016

A Weekend Re-Cap...

Hello there!  I certainly hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  I had hoped to chat with you on at  least one of those days, but it was my TWENTY-SECOND wedding anniversary!  We didn't do anything major or go anywhere special.  We hung out with Noah and Gillian.  Now that they are getting older and everyone's schedule is so full, it's getting harder and harder to get that time in.  I think it was one of the best weekends any of us have had in a long time.  We laughed so much and so hard at some of the silliest things.  It was really nice for Pete and I to stand back and watch our kids; and really take in how far our family has come.  We have never felt more blessed and filled with gratitude.

I did share some of our wedding pictures on Facebook.  It was a bit of journey down memory lane.  Some of the memories are just so vivid until I cannot believe it's been TWENTY-TWO years!  Pete and I were looking at the pictures commenting on how young we were and looked!  

The above picture is one of my FAVORITE'S!  We were suppose to be praying, but Pete and I were discussing all of the things that had gone wrong up to that point.  I had a look of "Can you believe this?" on my face; while he was doing his best to keep me calm and reassure me that it would all work out!  It did!

My parents

Pete with his mom (left) and his grandmother (paternal).  Pete's dad passed away years earlier.  He would have been so happy and so proud of him; I know it!  

Pete's best man and best friend, Darren

I'm not sure if Pete was just ready for all the picture taking to be over; caught mid blink; or just in the middle of a long sigh, but anyhoo.  Far left: Jannene; Erica; and kneeling, Loren.

Doris and I were discussing one major SNAFU when someone decided to snap this picture.  The look on my face should say it all!

I hope you enjoyed some of my memories of a Saturday afternoon in Pine Bluff, Arkansas twenty-two years ago.  We've had some amazing times since then and we've also had some very trying times; but through it all we both can agree it was worth it and we're awfully glad we went through it with each other.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Lifestyle Curator

What is that exactly?  Well, a curator is someone who is in charge of something; a manager, overseer,  or supervisor. Traditionally a curator is someone who works in a museum, library, gallery, or archive. Their job consists of researching, collecting, documenting, and sometimes displaying art, books, papers, etc.  

I happen to think this is also who I am; my job description.  A large part of the design process includes researching, collecting, and documenting with a smaller part spent displaying, or in my case "decorating."  In the beginning, I am getting to know the client by asking questions, observing, and collecting as much information as possible.  I then take this information and devise the best possible design solution.  I say solution because an interior designer solves problems that don't necessarily have anything to do with decorating and making "pretty."  We do that as well, however that is a small, albeit important, part of the process.  Who cares about having a beautiful home if it doesn't complement or enhance your lifestyle and promote the feeling that you want while being home?

Anyhoo, as I was getting to know my client; whether they are single or a number of people such as a family or firm, I learn many things about them that helps me to curate their lifestyle or work style.  I am collecting items that reflect who they are, how they live (work), what they like, etc., and displaying it all in a way that tells their story.  It goes much further than that.  It also enhances their environment, extending an emotion they want for themselves and others.  It can take time to curate a lifestyle, as we are always adding, editing, and changing.  This is where the partnership is so important as it is necessary to keep the story consistent, even though the chapters have changed.

Megan Winters

My Domaine

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Restores My Soul

I enjoy being outdoors; would prefer to spend the majority of my time outdoors.  However, there are times when it is just not possible due to weather, work, or timing.  One of the things I enjoy about my home is that there are enough windows for me to take in as much sunlight, rain, snow, and color as I want.  Do you think it's an age thing?  I mean, for me, the older I get the more I cherish time spent gazing out a window.  What strikes me as a little odd is that I don't really have to have a nice view; just the ability to look outside and let my mind wander is enough for me.

As I am experiencing an evolution of sorts in my life, which has carried over into my career as an interior designer; I have been focused in my pursuit of seeking ways of creating spaces that give my clients a sense of comfort and solitude.  I am asking the question, "What element, if I could only choose one, would be the most important to me and why?" has to be windows.  Windows bring the outside in.  Windows allow us to experience what is happening just beyond them without being physically affected.  We all love an incredible view, however a thoughtfully framed window can enhance an already beautiful view or place more emphasis on the room in which it is a part of.  Windows are one of the most important architectural elements in a home and can add exponentially to its' allure.

As I look through magazines, websites, and most definitely drive around town, I am always moved more profoundly by homes with great windows.  Whether they are tall, short, wide, or slim...they truly make the difference.  Windows work in concert with all other elements to create a harmonious look and feel.  Whether I am on the outside admiring all that they are or in a room enjoying what they allow restore my soul.

 Logan Design Group

Logan Design Group

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