Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom

I collect quotes from every source my iPhone can screen shot!  My camera roll has a "Quotes" category to make it easy for me to find just the right one without having to scroll the hundred's of images that are stored on my phone.  Here are a few I want to share with you in hopes they will inspire you as much as they have me!

Make it AMAZING!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Something to Inspire...All About Her

I love how inspiration comes from everywhere...anywhere.  Color has a tremendous affect on how we feel and function; whether it is what we wear, the car we drive, or the rooms we live and work in.  Have you ever felt a little down and wasn't quite sure why; or even totally blissful and nothing extraordinary has occurred?  It could quite possibly be the colors that surround you.

When I was putting this board together...I mean, really just putting it together; my breathing had slowed, my body felt more relaxed, and my mind found a space of clarity and focus.  This says a lot to me, as it was late in the day when I did this and I was running on fumes.  The soft grays, cremes, whites, and beige layered in spaces, or even my wardrobe puts me in a peaceful place.  It's actually one of my favorite, but a palette I rarely use in interiors.  By adding bits of gold, rich brown, and black grounds the palette so it doesn't seemingly float away.  Let's not forget texture.  When using shades of the same color it is important to introduce texture, and pattern, that you can see and feel. 

A perfect example of using a monochromatic color palette.  Take note of the finish on the walls, trim, and floor.  You can not only see the difference in texture, but you can feel it as well (if you were so blessed to experience this room firsthand).

A marble vanity is always beautiful and this one is no different.  Although the vanity and floor are smooth in texture, their pattern, along with the gold fixtures, lighting, and mirror frame adds just enough character and warmth to this bathroom to ensure it remains classic and stunning for years to come.

The rough quality of the wood plank console needs nothing else but a few supporting elements.  The chevron pattern and the washed, rustic finish only adds to the beauty of this piece.

What can I say about this sofa?  I love velvet upholstery...always have and always will.  Tufting, I will never tire of either.  Nailhead detail adds a timeless subtle sophistication.  Legs are everything...on a woman, man, or piece of matters not, but again are everything.

Make it AMAZING!

*Images via my Pinterest Boards

Monday, April 18, 2016

And So the Week Begins...

Happy Monday!  It's a brand new week and a brand new opportunity to take the challenges and missteps of last week and turn them into successes and victories; OR to build on those of last week.  I live for new beginnings.  I like the fact that as long as I am able to wake up, get dressed, and have a sound, capable mind I still have the luxury of starting over if I choose or picking up where I left off. 

Since I work from home, my office is only steps away from my bedroom and so I don't have to factor in a commute time to the office.  I do however, have two children that I have to see off to school each day; which now that they are older it really is more or less seeing them off to school.  This does afford me the luxury of not necessarily getting into the rat race; although depending on what's going on any particular morning, there is a rat race!

Monday's are more administrative days for me where I focus on the back end of my business.  My company has grown in a few ways that I never considered when I first named it Rhonda Peterson and Associates eight years ago, so along with that has come more strategic planning on how to get it all done and get it all done right!  With all that having been said, I like that I can dress a bit more casually than if I would if I were going into a corporate setting where the dress code is probably a little more...hmmm, what should I say?  Buttoned up, maybe?  The outfits above are my typical uniform...yes, even the heels; especially the heels, even at home.  They make me think differently, carry myself differently, and work differently than if I were wearing flip flops or no shoes at all.  There is definitely nothing wrong with flip flops or no shoes, but for me while working I need to have a certain attitude, and heels do the trick!  

These three pieces are my inspiration for today.  Details are everything!  The shape of a piece; the finish; the upholstery, the overall look, feel, and most importantly...the function.  These are everything.  These are the details that give a piece it's essence; it's way of being an integral part of the design.  Design is so emotional, and anyone who tells you it isn't...quite simply has never allowed themselves to be affected by it.  Design makes me feel good.  It moves me and causes a reaction.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  It just needs to move you.

Make it AMAZING!

*I do my very best to find the original credit information for items that I post, as I know how EXTREMELY important it is to give credit where credit is due.  However, in this age of Pinterest, Instagram, and the plethora of other social media platforms (blogs included), it becomes very diluted and very challenging to find this information and that is why I will refer to my Pinterest Boards for further credit.  With that being said, if I ever post a picture of anything that has not been given it's proper credit PLEASE, by all means leave a comment or send me an email so that I can make the correction.

All Images found via my Pinterest Board Furniture
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