Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Adventures in the Kitchen

Here lately I've been on a "cooking" kick.  I cook, just not with any consistency or frequency.  I love browsing different food blogs, websites, and I absolutely love watching cooking shows.  Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa is one of my favorites; along with Nigella Lawson.  They both make me feel as though I too can get in my kitchen and burn baby burn (without literally burning)!  I can watch marathons of these two women.  

Anyhoo, for the last month or so I have tried different recipes from my Pinterest board Delicious, and have had pretty good success with the outcomes.  With each that I've tried, I discovered and noted where I want/need to tweak to make them better for me and my family.  We tend to enjoy a little more heat than what is included in the recipes we've tried.  Do you find that you have to modify and/or adjust the recipes that you try?  I'm actually looking forward to when my tastebuds will better guide me in making substitutions.

I am banana's for avocado's!  I have been making this avocado, tomato, and cucumber salad all summer.  If interested, the recipe is here.  I cannot think of a dish I have ever consumed with avocado's that I did not like.

Enchilado sloppy joe's...this is one that the kids love to make.  It's so simple and does not make a big mess to prepare.  That's kind of a big deal for me when the kids are cooking just because they don't clean very well.  The recipe can be found here.

While Pete and the kids were traveling and I was home alone, I tried the grilled flank steak.  The recipe made for a tasty steak, however what I came to realize is that I don't prefer this cut.  It is not as tender as I would have liked it to be (and this was after marinading for a few hours.  Still, it was tasty, just not a cut I will try to prepare again.  For the recipe click here.

The garlic chicken with artichoke could have been better.  I have got to pay more attention to the ingredients and when I see that not very much seasoning is called for to really ante up on that.  The dish itself was pretty good, but Lord did it need more flavor.

Well, I'm off to my Pinterest board Delicious , to see what I can find to cook for dinner tonight.  Yes, my husband is wondering (silently, as not to ruin the cooking mood I'm in), what in the world is going on!

Make it AMAZING!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Art and Photography

I sometimes wish my eyes were capable of taking pictures.  Everyday I run into some of the most incredible elements.  There is nothing like capturing a moment in the moment.  Art and photograph has the ability to express so much and transport us to not only destinations we've not been, but also to some of the deep recesses of our minds; enabling us to experience emotions never felt before or giving a feeling of deja vu.  Art and photography is more than just seeing with the eye; totally an emotional experience.

Make it AMAZING!

Friday, August 19, 2016

This is where I would be...

I typically look forward to the weekend.  After a hectic week of work, meetings, children homework and activities, etc.; I imagine myself doing nothing, just chilling out on Saturday morning and spending the evening doing whatever I choose to do.  It rarely works out that way.  I'm not complaining.  I love my life and feel so very blessed to have it.  However, today, if I had a treehouse like this one below...this is where I would be.

My mom reminded me, when I began my career in interior design, of the playhouse I designed and sketched for my Uncle Sammy (her youngest brother, whom I considered my brother also) to build for me.  I cannot believe I'd forgotten about that.  I put so much detail into that drawing.  I, at the time, did not know anything about architecture; not to mention how to draw an elevation or perspective, but that certainly didn't stop me. 

My life has come full circle.  The things that I did as a child and later forgot, taken for granted even, I am now doing in my business.  I wrote a play when I was eleven years old, while sitting next to the stereo, listening to Michael Jackson sing Heartbreak Hotel.  I cannot remember how Ms. Glenn, my fifth grade language arts teacher, found out about it, but she allowed me to cast my play and perform it in front of all of the sixth graders.  I have quite a few stories like this one.  Maybe I'll share more of them on the blog.  Anyhoo!  Talk about full circle, in the picture above my eleven year old daughter is playing on a rocket that I played on as a child in the seventies.  Seeing this nearly blew me over and brought me to tears.  I've had and continure to have a great life; one that I am more than grateful for.

Make it AMAZING!

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