Monday, April 14, 2014

Living Room Inspiration

I was browsing Architectural Digest online and was stopped dead in my tracks by a London townhouse renovation that was so incredibly executed!  It really was a treat for my eyes as they took in every little detail.
I'm not much of a symmetrical person, but I LOVE this room!  What does it for me is all of the different textures, finishes, and elements.  This has to be a very spacious room to accommodate such large pieces without feeling like it's too much or cluttered even.  I can only guess that there is a wonderfully sized window(s) to the left that is letting in all of that glorious sunshine!  When you have great natural lighting, you've won most of the battle!  Please click on any of the three links included to read more about the renovation and see more gorgeous pictures!
Make it AMAZING!
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Monday, March 31, 2014

My At Home Workspace Inspirations

I can't take it anymore!  I've got to get my home workspace together!  Yes, I know I have written a couple of postings about it, but it has finally come to a head!  I had been going back and forth on where to put it, how to arrange it, design it, and furnish it; but now I've settled it in my mind, and it's all systems a go.  I'm going to get it done within the next thirty days and have a before, after, and big reveal right here on the blog.  For now, this is what is inspiring me...
Make it AMAZING!
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Favorite Day Of The Week...

Sunday's always have been and always will be my favorite day of the week.  It could be because growing up we would go to church and then go to my grandmother's for dinner.  Those dinners were always the best...well, except when she prepared meatloaf or roast!  Ewwww!  I'm not certain why I didn't like roast because now I like it!  Meatloaf on the other hand, ewwww!  I still really can't get with it!  Honestly, I think my love for the day runs so much deeper than Sunday dinners at Grand's.  Whether I make it to church on Sunday morning or not, it's the one day that I won't let anything disturb my peace.  Now exactly why I don't or can't seem to do this same all of the other days, I'm actually not quite sure; but best believe I do my very best!
Make it AMAZING!
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