Sunday, August 23, 2015

Best In Design: The Loews Regency Hotel, New York City

I was just recently perusing the internet, as I am all too thrilled to do, now that I've gotten the new Mac Book Pro, and came across The Loews Regency Hotel in New York City.  The hotel is located at 640 Park Avenue and 61st Street.  My first experience with Park Avenue brings back memories of the gorgeous Tulips, the busy, bustling street, and let me not forget the short walk to Central Park!  I'd caught the that is still with me now.  I love New York!  The energy of that city cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The hotel originally opened in 1963 as The Summit.  Having closed for a $100 million dollar renovation, it reopened with 58 signature suites and 379 guest rooms.  Every room designed specifically to make its guests feel comfortable and pampered with every modern and technologically advanced luxury.

The expansive lobby and lounge area is nothing short of stunning.  When I am in a place like this I can't help but to feel a certain way...beautiful, pampered, deserving, unstoppable, inspired, motivated; but best of all, like someone knew I would be coming to visit and wanted me to think and feel nothing but the best thoughts (of me).

The Regency Bar and could you not feel special here?  Even if the decor is not quite your cup of tea, the selection of lighting, upholstery, furnishings, and flooring all come together to create a room that is sophisticated and sets the mood for engaging conversations; not to mention enjoying dinner and drinks in a well thought out, classically modern interior. 

This Terrace Suite is bathed in sunlight with a view of a city that holds many adventures and much to be explored.  Just a hop, skip, and jump from Central Park AND many other city attractions (and shopping).  If you chose to spend the day one would blame you!

The Nate Berkus apartment is at once airy, chic, and modern (living room), but then transitions into a dark, masculine with feminine touches, dining room. 

There was no detail forgotten in the transformation of one of the city's go to social sets!  To learn more about this epic hotel click here and explore all that The Loews Regency New York hotel has to offer!

Make it AMAZING!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anxiously Awaiting Fall

I received an email from Amazon back in early July informing me that I could purchase the September issue of Vogue magazine in a nice white box, before the issue hit the newsstands.  Since I no longer subscribe to Vogue, but always purchase the Fall and Spring issues, I thought "Oh heck yeah, I'll buy it!"  Did I just hear hushed gasps???  Oh don't worry, I still follow fashion as fervently as I did when I was in fifth grade at Greenville Elementary school dreaming about being one of the models in Seventeen, Young Miss, Glamour, Mademoiselle, and of course Vogue magazines!  There are just so many ways to follow fashion now, and everything else that interests me.  My blog list is extensive!

So there it was as promised, sitting outside my front door on August gotta love Amazon for keeping it's promise!  Anyhoo, I brought the box in and set it on my desk; not quite ready to open just yet, because I knew that I wanted special time to sit and peruse without interruption.

It is Sunday morning and I'm about to have a "whatever comes my way" kind of day!  I love days like this; as you see I don't get them very often and my family has been away for the last few days!  I've had no one to take care of but ME!!!  Long sigh!  Oh give me a break!  Don't tell me none of you have ever felt this way?  Thought so!  So now is the time for me to open my little gift to me and let my eyes, and fingers, have the moment they have been waiting for since placing the order.  Dah ta dahhhhh...

I enjoy Beyonce's music and am inspired by all that she has accomplished in her career.  I love that she believes in girl power, and contrary to what some felt as her becoming to risque for her young followers, what everyone needed to realize is (1) B has grown up!  She is a woman, a wife, and a mother.  She has experienced things that have contributed to the evolution of who she is...and from where I sit, I see nothing wrong with it!  If you're concerned about the impact she may have on your children, daughters in particular, then maybe it's time for you to introduce them to someone more in line of who you think they should be paying attention to.  (2)  I actually forgot what two was!

I personally feel, as I have shared this with many of my friends, when it comes to the March and September issues of ANY FASHION magazine, those covers should go only to MODELS!!!  I may be a little biased, but oh well, it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it.  I also look at the beginning of Spring and Fall very much like I do the New Year, MY Birthday, and the beginning of each month.  The opportunity to begin again.  To make a fresh start.  To reinvent yourself and shake things up.

With Fall knocking at the door even more loudly now that we're in August (and here in Georgia...back to school), I am thinking about what side of Rhonda would I like to show the world this season; not just in fashion, but in my career as well.  You know, someone coined the expression "Necessity is the mother of all invention."  I'm not saying I'm going to change who I am, I mean, I am a forty-six year old married woman of two, and I absolutely adore who I am; however, I am feeling a wee bit stuck.  Therefore, it is time to do some self-reflection and decide which side of that multi-faceted person I am, I want to show the world (for at least this Fall season)!

OHHHH!!!!!  Now I remember #2, while giving my thoughts regarding B!  There is nothing wrong with her showing a different side of who she is!  She is not one dimensional and never has been.  In the industry she is in, if she wants to stay relevant and remain on fire and at the top of her game...necessity is the mother of invention or at the very least reinvention!  Maybe it's something you consider doing as well...

Make it AMAZING!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Take Me Here...

Oh how I would love to be in Bora Bora right now, soaking up the sun and feeling the cool water on my skin.  I'm relaxing just thinking bout it!

Make it AMAZING!

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