Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Inspiration: Stopped Me In My Tracks

Some of you may know that I have a nine year old daughter, Gillian.  She is growing into a mini-me, for sure.  I love watching her personality, style, opinions, attitude towards people and life develop.  I am more than proud of her.  Anyhoo, I know none of you know this, but now you will...whenever I want a little quiet time to myself, I go into my closet.  No, my closet is nothing great, but for some reason, it's comforting to my soul.  So, on yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my closet, in the dark, just thinking; about nothing in particular, but I suppose about everything as a whole.  Don't ask.  In comes Gillian, who sits on the floor with me and begins to talk about something...God only knows what!  She talks so much and about so many different things until I can't quite keep up.  Not to worry, I always hear the important stuff.

Gillian proceeds to tell me that she made something for me; so I told her to turn the light on so that I could take a look.  Well, the first thing she showed me is a picture she had drawn with two hearts; one small and one large.  She had written across the top of the page, "I have a small heart and you have a big heart."  Inside of the large heart she wrote, "Full of Joy!"  Wow!  She sees me as being full of joy!  This stopped me in my tracks!  On the backside of the page she wrote, "Never give up on your wonderful dream, keep on and get all the money!"  I chuckled to myself after reading the latter, but then was so moved at her telling me to never give up on my wonderful dream.  Really?  I'm moved to tears.  The next thing she gives me is this little envelope she made out of notebook paper that had a small notepad and a few Pokémon cards on the inside.  The notepad, she said, was for me to write down my thoughts and ideas.  This kid knows me.  She watches me.  Oh my God!  The Pokémon cards were to make me laugh.  She knows the importance of laughter, no matter how ridiculous; she knows you must laugh!  On the outside of the envelope she wrote "I love you and you are so, so, so, so, so strong!!"  I can't see...the tears have pooled in my eyes.
Do I need to tell you what a phenomenal feeling that was?  Where did this kid come from?  She is incredible!  So, my dear friends, how does one even consider giving up when their child; someone I have been charged with taking care of, encouraging, motivating, and nurturing tells me not to give up and I am so strong?  I can't and I won't!
Make it AMAZING!
*Quotes via my Pinterest board Words of Inspiration and Humor

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Decor For The Front Door

Fall is my favorite time of year.  We got married in October just because I love the colors of Fall and the coolness in the air.  Everything just seems so crisp and clean.  I have such fond memories of raking leaves in the backyard and then piling them as high as we could, only to make a mess by jumping into the pile and throwing them everywhere!  Long sigh...the joys of childhood!  Those were the days!  My mini-me loves to decorate and now that she's older, she takes it upon herself to get started when she can wait no longer for me.
Here are some ideas of front door décor to get you inspired and start you on your way...

Make it AMAZING!
*Images via my Holidays Pinterest Board

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Serenbe Designer Showhouse

The Serenbe community, along with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine, hosted it's first designer showhouse last month on Swann Ridge.  Swann Ridge is made up of English inspired cottages on a winding road nestled in the woods.  The ticket proceeds directly benefitted the Art Farm At Serenbe.  The showhouse featured twelve designers over three floors.  I took many pictures of the inspiring home, so there will be a part deux!

 Entry Foyer & Stair Hall~Kerry Howard of KMH Interiors (

 Butlers Pantry~James Wheeler Designs of J. Wheeler Designs (

Laundry Room~James Wheeler of J. Wheeler Designs (

Master Suite~Yvonne McFadden~Yvonne McFadden, LLC. (

Kitchen~Janie K. Hirsch (

 Kitchen~Janie K. Hirsch (
 Rear Porch~Hope Vanzant of HMS Designs (
Rear Porch~Hope Vanzant of HMS Designs (

Rear Porch~Hope Vanzant of HMS Designs (

Living Room~Melanie Millner of The Design Atelier (www.thedesignaltelier)

Dining Room~Lanah Jackson of Robert Brown Interior Design (

Dining Room~Lanah Jackson of Rober Brown Interiors (
 Make it amazing!
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