Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Best Kept Secret (is Out)...Pirch Atlanta

Absolutely one of the best parts of my job is discovering new resources.  That's exactly what happened yesterday morning.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tasha Norland, Showroom Guide, at Pirch Atlanta; located at 3535 Peachtree Road NE in the Lenox Market Place, across from Phipps Plaza.  Let me just go ahead and put this out there...this young woman is so stylish; so gracious; so knowledgeable!  She is everything that you want in a "showroom guide!"  She embodies what Pirch is all about; an exceptional representative for the company!

The entry level of the showroom is quite deceiving, as it only gives you a snippet of what you can expect on the actual showroom floor.  Once you exit the elevator, or the zillion stairs they have...you obviously know which I chose; you are greeted by the friendliest people, and then immediately led by your nose to the coffee/drink bar where the barista is waiting to take your order.  I had the white chocolate mocha.  While my drink was being made, Tasha escorted me to our own little private meeting room where I was able to leave my bags and coat.  As we walked out to begin our tour, Aeriel Coleman, the Showroom Experiences Supervisor, meets me with my ordered mocha in hand.  Now, I like my Starbucks; mostly for my rewards, but this mocha was delicious!  Okay, redirecting (my focus shifted temporarily as I remembered that mocha).  Just in that initial six minutes of arriving, my expectations...exceeded, my stress level...reduced, and was then ready for what ended up being the most enjoyable, enlightening experience I've had to date with any showroom.

Pirch is a "store" if you'd like to call it that, that is open to the public, however services the trade as well.  They have created an environment that is so unlike any I've experienced.  It really is a "Worry-Free Zone."  Tasha was able to communicate so much information about their products; the features, benefits, as well as function and design in a way that was not overwhelming or aggressive.  I also really like their philosophy, "...Another thing we all like? Honesty. Transparency. Accountability.  In that spirit, we openly concede that - despite our best efforts - there are times we'll make a mistake. But please know, we'll own it.  And we won't stop working until a solution is found."  LOVE THAT!!!  Honesty; Transparency; Accountability; Ownership...who doesn't like that?

The "Sanctuary" and play area where you can try all of the different shower heads and see a couple of shower options (steam and dry heat/aromatherapy)!!!

Pirch offers appliances and plumbing for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, outdoors, and vacuums.  They also have cooking classes that stay pretty full, so if you're interested look at your March calendar!

The showroom has a "Live Joyfully Boutique" where you can find some of the most loveliest gifts and accessories for yourself and others.  I'm a big decorative box, candles, and quotes person...their selection was incredible!  Oh, and they had, what I thought to be, a masculine section!  You know, a little something, something for the guys to choose from for their spaces.  It wasn't all just for us girls.  Faith Otatunde...I LOVE HER!!!  The friendliest, easy going, know her product Advisor ever!  She tried to convince me this little leather number was a fly swatter!  Hmmm, I wasn't convinced; I thought it could be used for something else. Wink, wink!

As we were leaving, Aeriel convinced me to sign Noah and I up for an upcoming cooking class.  Her last words to me were..."You like to eat, don't you?"  Well, I can't argue with that and my fifteen year old son definitely likes to eat...and has expressed an interest in becoming a chef!  A win win, I think!

In closing, the swag bag I got was great!  I had to place my new "live joyfully" sticker on my yellow Macbook Pro cover!  To the right of the cover is a collection of quotes that I plan to frame and place near my 2016 vision board!  The quotes that I posted a few images up in this posting are on one of the columns in the showroom.  Again, so love that!  Pirch thought of everything...they have a blog called "The Blissery."  I NEED you to check it out!  Just click on the name or here!  They have tabs "Savor"; "Adorn"; "Discover"; "Thrive";  "Gather"; and "Joy" that are all must visit categories.  In fact, I've made it easy for you...just click on one of the tab names and it will take you there.  Take a trip to Pirch, whether the actual showroom or online, you will have a very memorable visit with an experience like no other!

Make it AMAZING!

*Quotes via the Pirch Atlanta Showroom
"The Sanctuary" image via Pirch online

Monday, February 8, 2016

Life is Good...

Yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday, I spent the morning with a few of my interior design colleagues at breakfast; right before we headed over to The Cathedral Antiques Show Tour of Homes.  We always have the best time when we get together.  We just don't do it often enough, but honestly, it's about as often as many of us can muster with the schedules that we all have.  Although, there is something to be said for being surrounded by "your tribe," those that get you and understand you and your challenges on so many levels, (not just interior design).

There were five homes on the tour and all were very different from the previous.  Of course, you are always going to have you favorites...and I totally did!  A couple were traditional, very traditional!  A couple were modern, and one was a comfortable traditional with many of the modern conveniences and elements that are trending in the industry right now.  The one that was my hands down, absolute favorite was the home that was just featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles a couple of months ago.

This particular home was designed by Sherry Hart of Sherry Hart Interior Design, in collaboration with architect Linda MacArthur and Ladisic Fine Homes.  I won't wax on and on about this stunning property, that was completely breathtaking and jaw dropping; I'll let you gaze upon a few images and include the link to AHL (Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine), where you can see more!

Myself, Sherry Hart, and Glenette Haynes pictured on the back patio in our surgical slippers that we had to wear to tour the home.

I really wish you could see the details in this bar!  The wood is nothing short of incredible!

This is the sitting room that is just to the left of the entry.  Just so stunning with the rich finishes and molding details.

I am a fairly minimal person...but that in no means equates to cold or boring!  This kitchen is a place to hang out, and throroughly enjoy!

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE! It is a coffee/wet bar that has an iPad where there is a menu of different coffee's that you can select from and have it brewed right there on the spot!  The backsplash is a mink marble, while the countertop is brass with brass shelving details.  Again, this home needs to be experienced in person for you to be fully able to appreciate it's full beauty!

If you want to see more of this gorgeous home click on this link AHL enjoy!

Make it AMAZING!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reflections on the First Month in the New Year...

Is that really all the time I get in January?  Someone must have given me something that caused me to black out for a couple of weeks!  Did it go by fast for you or am I the only one that somehow seemed to have lost time?

Well, to bring you up to speed...Gillian and I traveled to New York and then on to Boston the first week in the month.  That was pretty exciting as it was her first time in Manhattan and both of our first visits to Boston.  Not only is she a natural at traveling, she is also a natural at pounding the pavement in the city that never sleeps (although, she did manage to get her sleep in)!  I plan to share those pics in a future blog post; so until then...

I got a late start on planning my goals for 2016.  Of course, I began thinking about them; as a few of them have followed me from 2015.  The difference is how I will go about achieving them this year.  I have a much more focused and measurable way of approaching them, thanks to my business coach, Michele Williams of Scarlet Thread Consulting.

Once Gillian and I returned home, I thought I would have an opportunity to sit down and really have a go at getting my 2016 all mapped out.  Yeah, not at all how it has happened.  However, I have a note pad near me while I'm working, as well as on my bedside table to write down thoughts, ideas, "Aha" moments, you name it; anything that I do not want to forget or let pass me by.

I did a vision board for 2016, before the end of 2015, because I knew I wanted this in placed before the New Year; and I kid you not, it's like with or without me, that board has taken on a life of it's own!  There are opportunities that have manifested that have set me on a path to achieving exactly what I have placed on my vision board.  Truly, ready or not, here it comes!  I am still going to write my goals down with an action plan on how to measure and accomplish them; it just isn't working out the way I had planned to do it.  But that's okay too.  Everything works out...EVERYTHING!  

Okay, so I've added a few things!  The items along the bottom are things that I've had on the wall above my desk for years!!!  I hardly ever sit at that desk anymore and work, so I rarely see them.  I placed the board on a very prominent wall (in my bedroom) where it is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning (very often touching it on my way to the bathroom); and it is the last thing I see before I get into bed (very often touching it before I lie down)!  Say what you will, it may be too much, or OTT (over the top), but it works for me!

I would like to talk about the one dollar bill attached on the right side.  Gillian, being the ten year old that she is, decided to test her boundaries a little over a week ago; and when I called her out on it and let her know that contrary to what she may believe, I too was once ten years old, and that there really isn't very much she can (or will) do that I haven't already done!  I guess she gave this a bit of thought and decided to write me an apology letter.  She placed the letter on my bedside table, let's say Wednesday evening, however I didn't see it until Thursday evening when I was sitting on the side of my bed slathering on hand creme.  

It was a very thoughtful and apologetic letter that I will keep forever!  In the letter she told me not to ever give up on my dreams and that one day soon Rhonda Peterson and Associates, LLC will make $159, 869, 150. 13!  Now, where she got that arbitrary number from, I will probably never know; but it matters not.  She included this one dollar bill as well...I guess, as seed money towards that amount.  So, me being me, and totally believing "Out of the mouth of Babes..." placed the letter in my desk drawer for safe keeping, wrote the amount on a sticky note, and placed it on my vision board along with the dollar.  Now she and I both have the vision and see it clearly everyday.  What can I say..."When two or more are in agreement..."

Make it AMAZING!

*Quotes via my Pinterest board Words of Inspiration and Humor

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