Friday, April 17, 2015

Having a Moment...

So I am on, what had become a bi-annual pilgrimage to the holy Mecca of furnishings and accessories known as the furniture market in High Point, NC.  I just missed the 11am shuttle from the Raleigh-Durham airport, so I'm waiting for the 1pm shuttle.  As I wait I pull out my April Architectural digest and begin to peruse casually.  Did I mention I have Pandora ringing in my ears?  Yes, I'm listening to the Sevyn Streeter station.  I'm in that kind of mood.  Anyhoo...

The cover is gorgeous!  Enough cannot be said for amazing photography!  It's not just the photo or honestly, the room even.  It's the arrangement of the elements and the angle of the shot, coupled with incredible lighting; whether natural or artificial.  This room would not be nearly as beautiful if all things did not work together to make it so.  Taking nothing from the homeowner or the designer, because we can all see what a stunning room they've created; however my point is we can all have those "moments", spaces in our homes that look like they belong in a magazine when it's essence is captured in a loving, moving way.

I never look at the masthead, but for some reason today I did.  Can I tell you how much I admire and respect Margaret Russell.  I loved what she did at Elle Decor and now just as giddy over what she's accomplishing at AD.  Then my eye continues further down the page and I see Anna Wintour's name.  STOP!!!  Everyone knows my first love is fashion and it may very well always be.  I knew that Ms. Wintour was the Artistic Director of AD, but for whatever reason, I just had a moment of everything being right in the universe!  I know...a bit much huh?  Attribute it to me being a creative, high energy, lover of all things beautiful finding inspiration and true happiness in almost all things!  That should help you to wrap your mind around what I experienced when I saw those two names on a page where they are literally, every month.  Why I'm just seeing it now, matters not; but don't be mistaken, there is always a reason!  Moving on...

I enjoy so much the Discoveries pages. There are always so many wonderful finds that say "luxury".  Some are standouts, while some (the ones that capture my heart), are the most unassuming yet impactful.  For me, it's always all in the details.

My love for lovely table linens, bed linens, tableware, special hardware details, stationary...these are the reasons interior design seemed a very natural segue for me.  I have a very vivid and colorful imagination when it comes to envisioning how something, as minor to some as a drawer pull, will be a major element on a kitchen cabinet in the refreshening of a kitchen.  It's sometimes those little discoveries that make a world of difference!

To say I love windows and natural light is such a gross understatement!  If I could live in a glass house, I totally would!  I kid you not.  Sunlight has the most epic affect on me, my mood, my confidence, my spirit, my very being!  When I turned the page to this home in Nashville, TN I thought I heard a powerful symphony.  It wasn' was Jene Aieko (I hope I spelled her name correctly)!  Remember, I am listening to Pandora.  I digress!  This magnificent piece of architecture is the manifestation of a feeling Ray Booth, principal at McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors and his partner John Shea, a television executive had after seeing this picturesque hilltop close to the heavens.  

I'm very familiar with the work of McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors, as they have an office in Atlanta, as well as Nashville and Manhattan.  This award winning firm has a very pure aesthetic that captures the surrounding landscape in it's architecture and interiors.  Breathtaking is how I would describe their work.  So imagine my excitement and admiration when I realized that the images on the next few pages were from Ray Booth's very own home, which by the way, although he has a degree in architecture from Auburn University's architecture school, he's never built a house from the ground up.  What an awe inspiring job he did, but I wouldn't have expected anything less.

The April issue of AD features many beautiful homes and is so well worth the few dollars to pick up and let your eyes graze upon the glossy pages.  Alexandra Von Furstenberg's home is another one of my favorites from this issue, as well as Alexa Hampton's Manhattan home.  Pick up the issue and let me know what you think.  

I'm on the shuttle to IHFC in High Point now, so I'll see you soon with my favorites from Market and maybe a few other tidbits...

Make it AMAZING!

* Images via Architectural Digest (April 2015)
*Quote via Pinterest

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all!  I hope you will make it a beautiful day no matter the weather or your circumstances.  He is risen!

Make it AMAZING!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Inspiration, March 1, 2015

HAPPY MARCH EVERYONE!  I hope this month holds everything great and prosperous for us all!  Now, I am going to leave you with quotes I found on Pinterest that made lasting impressions!


*Quotes found via my Pinterest board "Words of Inspiration and Humor"
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