Monday, September 19, 2016

More Than an Icon: Giovanna Battaglia

To say that Giovanna Battaglia is a style icon is just a gross understatement.  Sure, she has style that is most enviable; and a lifestyle, that through pictures on Instagram and just about every online site that caters to fashion and the likes thereof, is everything.  She also has a resume that cannot be rivaled; having held and currently holds some of the most coveted positions in the fashion industry, she is definitely a woman to watch.  The Italian-born fashion editor, stylist and creative director living in New York City, was deemed a "cyber icon" and "fashion heroine" by The New York Times. Click here to read more.

I've included a few of my favorite pictures of outfits worn by Ms. Battaglia.  No one wears a shift like she does and she always looks polished with an effortless appeal.  That is the beauty of the shift!  No, we may not have her slim figure, however a well-fitted shift makes what we do have look beautiful.

When I saw this picture of her wedding gown by Valentino for the civil ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden; I could not take my eyes from the page.  She is perfection.  The dress is perfection...and I expected nothing less.  Her wedding, a few months back, was touted as an Over-The-Top-Glamorous Capri Wedding by Vogue's Hamish Bowles; and from the looks of the pictures, I imagine so!  Click here to read more.

Her outfits run the gamut of what's new and current in fashion.  However, let's be clear, although she may be seen in some of the "on trend" pieces, because of her sense of style, she could never be "trendy."  This is why knowing who you are and what looks great on you, along with proper tailoring, is key when being adventurous with of the moment pieces.  Of course, I've never been inside of her closet; only something I can dreamily imagine, but I am more than positive it is filled with classic everything.  

Make it AMAZING!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The 2016 Serenbe Designer Showhouse

A week ago I was an invited guest to the media preview event for the 2016 Serenbe Designer Showhouse, which is open September 9th through October 2nd; Thursday through Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday noon-5pm.  The Serenbe showhouse is in connection with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine and is the community's third one.  This time it is featured in the penthouse of the newly built Textile Lofts.  It's the finest in urban living in a country setting.

I had the pleasure of meeting the architect, Ryan Duffey of J. Ryan Duffey Architect, offices located here in Atlanta.  His focus is primarily residential, however with an opportunity like this one to test out the world of commercial design, who could blame him!  The featured designers included a few of my favorites:  Susan Hable Smith (Lobby); Steve McKenzie (Entry Hall); Nancy Duffey (Kitchen); Kelly Wolf Anthony & Jean Balcos (Great Room); Melanie Davis (Office/Studio); Tami Ramsay & Krista Nye Nichols (Hallway); Shane Robuck & Kristen Marooney Walls (Master Suite); Anna Braund (Powder/Laundry); Dixon Rye (Keeping Room); Lucinda Bray & Tyne Martinez (Landscape Architects); Bjork Studio (Outdoor Porches); and Kolo Collections (Outdoor Porches).  All created some of the most unique and lovely spaces.

The above painting is a close-up of an original piece by Steve McKenzie.  The painting itself is about 4'x8' in size and so incredibly beautiful.  It was by far my favorite piece in the penthouse.

This hallway, created by the ladies of Cloth and Kind (Tami Ramsay & Krista Nye Nichols), made you want to skip. The wallpaper is a collaboration with Paper Mills in Oakland, California.   It was so very pretty and uplifting; not to mention it retails at $80,000!  Yeah, you read right!

This lovely vignette is in the great room (Wolf Design Group), on a desk in front of a high arching window that allowed sweeping views of the community and an abundance of wonderful natural light.

Another vignette in the keeping room (Dixon Rye), that was bathed in deep, saturated colors and textures.

Khalilah Birdsong is a local artist that was on hand creating one of her signature paintings and allowing all who dared to create their own as well.

Never passing up an opportunity to put my skills to the test, I tried my hand at a much smaller version.  Notice my stance...I was not trying to wear the paint, only to create with it!  I don't think I did such a bad job!

Make it AMAZING!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

What Does Your Tribe Look Like?

We all lead such crazy, time-starved, hectic lives until it's hard to fit in the necessary things; whatever those things are to you, as they are different for everyone.  I know I find myself running from task to task, point A to B to C, to...well you get the picture.  I don't know if it's my age, affiliation with various individuals, or perception of who people think I am; but here in the last year or so I have been asked to join many organizations and play key roles in the activities of them.  As much as I am flattered and sometimes even would love to be a part of them, I simply cannot.  I don't have the time.  I am busy; very busy.  I hate the way that sounds.  We have gotten to a point in our culture where we "glorify" busy.  It has become "the thing" to have everyone think of us.  Well you can have it!  That busy mess makes me tired and cranky.

I am learning to access where I want to spend my time and the people I want to spend it with.  I base this on a few things and one major thing is value.  How much value is this activity or person bringing to my life?  Is it enough to trade my time for it?  Yes, I see my time as a commodity and since I only have so much in the day to spend; I do my best to spend it wisely.

I work in a creative field and if you don't know a "creative" let me tell you how our mind works.  IT NEVER TAKES A BREAK.  There is always something going on in there.  We are scattered...not quite able to focus on one thing at a time, and more times than not, all over the place.  Oftentimes, this is how we work; our process if you will; but it eventually catches up with us in the form of burn-out.  It helps when you have people that are able to support you in ways that go beyond the scope your business and personal life.

I have a curated group that I consider my tribe.  This group includes quite a few people.  What we all have in common is we are a spouse, a parent, an entrepreneur, and/or a creative.  There maybe a couple of things I have left off this list, but these are definitely the core commonalities.  We relate to each other on one or all of these, thereby making communication almost effortless; eliminating the need to explain ourselves beyond the basic.  Understanding, support, and encouragement is heartfelt because we may have had the same or similar experiences.  Checking one another isn't taken in any way other than constructive because we more than likely have done the same or similar thing and have learned from it.  This elite group of mine are positive, intelligent, ambitious, genuine, and transparent.  They have integrity that is without question, and their character makes them amazing people.  Don't worry...they are funny as heck, love to have a great time, and don't take themselves too seriously; being able to laugh and poke fun at themselves.

These are the people that I will spend my time with.  These are the people that I value.  These are the ones that when they call on me, I will do what I can, as soon as I can (even moving things around) to accommodate them; as I know they will do the same for me.  So again, I ask the question...WHAT DOES YOUR TRIBE LOOK LIKE?

Make it AMAZING!

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